Sunday, February 24, 2008

Counting Down

WOW! This weekend really went by slowly! Maybe I should offer to watch 3 kids more often? NOT! Actually, it went good, no major traumas and no injuries. We went through a lot of food - boys are hungry about every 2 hours. I kept my tone even and tried not to yell. I listened to a lot of shooting sounds, negotiating, strange mouth noises, far-fetched stories, and bribery. I am practicing my heavy breathing exercises so that I do not obsess about having to clean the bathroom, wash all the blankets, scrub the floors and wipe down the walls. I took a vacation day just so I could spend it cleaning up after this weekend, but now my sister-in-law has invited me out to lunch - FREE Lunch! So, I am now obsessing about when I will get the bathroom cleaned, the floors scrubbed, and the laundry done. If I wake up at 5am, and shower first, I can be ready when I have to get the 6 kids up and greet the other 2 we watch, then once they go to school clean for 2 hours before I have to meet her for lunch. Then when I get back from lunch I may have an hour to clean before the kids get home from school. SEE?? I am seriously MAD!
I did serve something that was a big hit at lunch today. You can only get the recipe if you attend a pampered chef show, but this is all you do, and you will be a hero!:

Get out your muffin tins
Take a bag of tater tots and put about 3 in each tin.
Take something (insert the pampered chef tool that I forgot what it was called) and really squish those tater tots down in the pan.
Bake at about 450 til sizzling and not quite crispy.
Sprinkle Shredded Cheddar Cheese in each tin and already cooked bacon bits on top.
Bake for another 5 minutes or so.
Use a small utensil to scoop out (should come out all together) and top with sour cream!
Mini Loaded Baked Potatoes!

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