Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's Bad when Sleeping-in is 6am!

I always say, "I am going to sleep-in this weekend." Since I am up at 4:15am Monday through Friday, I usually do not sleep past 7am, and today I am up at 6am! Oh well, it does give me some quiet time. I am a reality TV junkie. It's the only TV I watch. I do not watch any sitcom's or drama's, unless you count my Soap - General Hospital that I have been watching since I can remember, because my Mom also watched it. Isn't that funny? The only shows that have lasted through time are Soaps? I am a secret watcher (no one knows except my Mom and a few other secret watchers) Thank goodness for DVR or TiVo. I am currently watching:
Big Brother - it's OK this year- a new concept that should make it interesting. A show I have looked forward to each summer and was surprised it is on this winter.
Survivor - This one is kind of slipping down on my must-see list. Hasn't been very good for awhile.
Jon & Kate Plus 8 - I LOVE this! I stumbled upon it when I was sick with the flu over Christmas and watched the marathon. My 5 and 7 year old daughters also love this show! I get very inspired when I watch this show. I wish I lived near them, it makes me want to offer help.
American Idol - Again, slipping down on my list. I just am not into BIG singers and this is typically who wins. The show I loved that was more like me was ROCK STAR - now those were good singers!
Celebrity Apprentice -It's good this season! I love hating Omarosa!
Real World/Road Rules Challenge - Yes, living vicariously through the younger people! I still consider myself their age. Fun for some ridiculous drama!
Dancing with the Stars - Can't wait til March! Not sure I am too excited about the stars this time? but then I think I say that every time and end up really loving them all.
Ghost Hunters - Where have you been - can't seem to find any new episodes? I like this, my kids do too. We tried Paranormal State, and the stories are good, but they never seem to catch anything.
The Bachelor - I'll catch this when I can, but I do not worry if I miss something. The women are fun to make fun of!
Flip this House - I really miss the North Carolina group and the husband and wife team in Texas- they haven't been on lately?

This list is getting pathetic! I am not sure there is a reality show I haven't seen? I am not a big fan of the ones on E!, though. I like them a little more tame. People say it isn't reality, but the ones I really enjoy seem to be pretty real. To me, it's better than watching things that would never happen to normal people.

Well, I just have the rest of today and tomorrow morning with 6 kids. I can do this, I can do this! Thankfully the movie last night was a big hit ( and it was good they were sent with money and I stayed home so we were only paying for 2 tickets) Honestly, the boys are really sweet! Their parents should be really proud of them, and I should be proud of me too! I think it is my kids making all the noise and creating the drama, because we have guests of course!

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