Saturday, February 23, 2008

Six Kids for the weekend

My husband says, I can't say NO, unless it is to him and he's right! He said, "let's practice - Can we go and have sex right now?" - I said, " NO". He said, can I grope you while you are doing the dishes?" and I said "NO". But I didn't say No, when my son's friends parents called and asked could we watch their three boy's for a long weekend so they could go on a trip. I shouldn't have a problem with this. I should love that they trust us, that their kids like my kids. We have 3, so what's 3 more?? But I think I hav OCD, I work 50++ hours a week, and I really can't stand the sounds of kids yelling, banging doors, punching the piano keys and listening to shooting games. Right now, I am sitting in my quiet house, while my husband has them at the movies. Of course this couldn't have happened at a worse time. If we just had the money to entertain them all properly. We are broke. Barely keeping our heads above water. But, we don't appear as though that is our situation - that is why I thought it was important to start this blog - maybe someone else is in this situation and no one else knows? How to get by, being broke, but not looking like you are! And how do you ever repay the kindness of some people??

Also , today was the "Cinderella ball" for my two girls. Thankfully, my sister-in-law and niece came over and helped me curl their hair. A few weeks ago I was obsessing about this ball. What would they wear? How could we afford it? I made it work though. My 7yr old wore the same dress she wore the year before (despite my initial hesitation, no one remembered that was the same dress - they are only thinking about their own dresses, not anyone else's) her shoes still fit - barely, but her toes weren't hanging off! Yes, it's February and her dress was sleeveless, but I put a cute short sweater over the dress and it worked! My 5yr old, wore a dress that was given to us by a family that must have dressed up for everything, and bought their dresses from a designer boutique!- They had plenty to spare! I only had to buy her shoes, and we got them at Walmart on clearance. You wouldn't believe that sometimes you can find some really cute girls dress shoes there that would cost a fortune somewhere else, yet look the same. With their hair all done up, they looked great! I painted their nails the night before which they loved, gave them a long bubble bath in the morning, put paper Do Not Disturb Signs on the bathroom door, and let them eat cookies in the tub! We had to provide a dish, -store-bought cookies, because my husband says people are leery of eating things from other people's kitchens anyway. The girls had a fantastic time. The Dad's let them slide up and down the school ramp the whole time, so it was a good thing we didn't spend any money on their dresses anyway.
My husband and I made a bit of a life change after he was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago. He is currently fine, just some slight symptoms after his first and pretty dramatic episode. But we decided to make a big move closer to family, I changed my job to make more money, but I work a lot more hours and I have to say, harder than I ever have in my whole life as a Director and Quality Manager for a staffing company. I wanted my husband to be able to stay home with our kids, and for awhile it worked out great, but life caught up to us and one income wasn't cutting it anymore. He now watches 2 kids in the morning for a small amount of money, has a paper route, sells real estate and just recently got a part time job while the kids are in school, 3 days a week in a machine shop. Wouldn't you know, it still doesn't cover the bills? But most importantly, our kids have one of us all the time, and we manage to have a lot of fun together. Our house is clean and neat, and we take care of the things we have.
Although, there are many times I want to just run out and shop for hours, but I can't. I figured out, that decorating my house with a hint of vintage, really hides the flaws and actually makes it look pretty classy. I will share all my tips! For starters, my absolute favorite site for a quick vintage fix is I decorate my walls with their vintage tin signs and their kitchen bowls are awesome! Check out their prices!!! It's a great quick-shopping-fix and you won't see anyone else with the same stuff!

Til' we meet again....

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Kristen said...

You have a wonderfully positive attitude and what sounds like a picture perfect family! Keep up the great're extremely creative! You'll never be sorry for the decision you've both made to have one parent at home especially Dad. Good job. It sounds as if you are able to recognize the already bountiful blessings the Universe has bestowed upon you and your family. May you have many, MANY more to come!

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