Monday, February 25, 2008

Vintage Idea #1 -Gameboards

Have a lot of old board games hanging around? Well , yank them out of your closet, attic, parents closets and ask your friends if you can take theirs off their hands.

Stack (in-good condition boxes) on a coffee table, in your TV armoir, ona bookshelf, or next to your couch. (as long as little ones aren't around!)

If the boxes are too shabby, pull out all the pieces and put them into glass mason jars. (Monopoly characters and houses in one, Sorry pieces, Life people, building and cars. Line the jars up on your bookshelves or put in deeper dishes on the coffee table.

Create a vintage game collection area in your office, den or game room. I personally do not like the boards mounted on the wall - it is more fun if people can pick up the pieces or envision them as they once were used and be inspired to play a good old-fashioned round of Sorry!

Use game boards as place mats on game night, with a vintage bowl in the center filled with dice or game movers.

Most games now come packed new but in a vintage style and I just love that! "newly vintaged".

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