Monday, February 25, 2008

Why am I so Anxious?

OK, so I am on a vacation day today, I got all 8 kids and my husband out the door, my house is 1/2 way clean, I have a lunch date with my sister in law, why am I so anxious? why can't I just relax and enjoy my day off?? What is wrong with me? Could it be that I am really never on vacation from work? I still have to answer the phone when it rings, I am on-call 24/7. I got harassed this morning by someone who works for me, so that put me on edge. The house is way too quiet! I think what I will do is go out on my front porch (in my jammies-with my glasses on) and drink my coffee, and secretly smoke a cigarette. Maybe that will help? Why can't I just relax? There are a lot of strange noises that come from the house when you are completely alone in it, and let me tell you this NEVER happens! I am alone in my house maybe 3 times per year max... Damn, I should just go back to bed, but I am going to go out to lunch! It was nice of my sister in law to take me - at least I can say I did something other than clean on my vacation day. I can do this, I can put work out of my mind, they are fine without me, I can push the worries out of my head, I can, I can! - I better go have that cigarette now!!!!!!!

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