Monday, December 29, 2008

Today was the last of my vacation days. I will still have New Years Day and the day after off plus the weekend, but I am sad that the days went so fast. The kids and I slept in and as always on the holidays, I am coming down with a lovely cold. My sister in law and niece and nephew came over and we threw together all the odds and ends of food we both had at home for a lunch of hot dogs, nachos, chips, mashed potatoes, cookies with frosting, and salad. As soon as Don came home from work we rushed to the cinema for the Monday $5 movie and free popcorn special and saw "Bedtime Stories". It was cute. When we came out of the theatre Don saw one of the neighbors we had met at the party the other day and that was nice- now we can recognize more people that we know! Apparently we were both lucky because everyone had the same idea and the line for tickets was wrapped around the building. What luck! Things I am thinking about: Going back to work tomorrow, especially since I heard that someone was fired today. Wondering what we can do on New Years Eve. Worrying about covering all of the bills with the next paycheck plus buying Austin a pair of pants, paying for Aiden's birthday, New Years Eve and two birthday parties the girls have to attend. Wondering when I will reschedule my dentist appointment that I did not go to today. Worrying that Don said his heart was doing funny things and thinking he needs to see the Dr. Thinking how I am going to miss the kids tomorrow. Hoping that the kids really will clean up that mess in the basement and be nice to each other.

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