Saturday, January 3, 2009

Do What Makes You Happy!

Taking down Christmas Decorations?? It depresses me that people are so concerned with doing this immediately after New Year's Day. Everyone spent so much time preparing and buying and putting it all up, why take it right down?
For me, besides the trees and stockings, I tend to decorate for winter rather than with Santa's, and who said Snowmen and candy canes belonged to Christmas? It snows where I live til April, and the trees will come down sometime in January, and the rest in March, but for now, we stay in our cozy log home, with WINTER decorations surrounding us keeping us cozy and warm. I asked my husband if he wanted to to take our trees down this weekend and he looked at me and said, "Since when do you give in to peer pressure?" He's right, if looking at my hard work for another month or so makes me happy than I am holding up my end of the bargain in being happy this year.
I also realize that people do travel to warm destinations in the next few months, but for those of us who only see the occasional sun peeking out from clouds and reflecting on snow with nothing in our bank accounts, we DO NOT want to see bathing suits on display at the local Target. People who can afford to travel should be able to afford to buy that stuff while on vacation and let the rest of us continue to shop for what will keep us warm!! It's bad enough that Valentines stuff was out last week, but bikini's on New Year's Eve?? I wish!
Today is the last of my pajama's day - I did get in my first workout yesterday and I plan to do another one today. I also stayed up until 3am working on my book report. No, I am not in school, No, I didn't offer to write some kid's book report for money. Yes my boss thinks that we should read business/industry related books and report on them, but we must do them on our own time, even though they are mandatory. Yes, time for a change...... I'm working on that too. So all in all, my 2009 is going according to plan. I'm still broke, and I am avoiding leaving the house today so I do not spend money, but I have plenty to do to make me happy here. (Like yelling at one of our two kitten's who if was a dog, would be equivalent to the Marley Dog - bad, very bad!)

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